We are small, fast, flexible, and very easy to work with. We leverage a combination of domain expertise, practical experience, proven methodologies, and a passion for research to help our clients tackle Marketing Operations challenges.


We help promote a systematic approach to creating demand for products and services, focusing on end-to-end marketing optimization. Our site provides tools and guidance for self-study but we are also available for consulting projects.


A quick, easy and FREE guide that outlines the capabilities of the marketing automation vendors we track. We study how well they support demand generation, resource management, and performance measurement.



“Larissa is an industry expert in all aspects of marketing operations, metrics, automation, and transformation. She is the penultimate professional in this arena, and works to advance her clients projects, with high impact and value for the organization. She works to get things done in the project, and pushes to look beyond the scope of today’s project to make sure that the longer term impact can be realized. Larissa partnered with me to advance NetApp’s implementation of Integrated Marketing.”

“When companies talk about measurable success, we understand it’s the people, process and technology. Marketing Operations Works brings high value to each of those ingredients and the end result drives revenue. Larissa’s expertise has been proven with successful projects, her ability to work with vendors and her deep knowledge of the industry….I refer Marketing Operations Works to my clients because they get measurable results!”

“Larissa does a fantastic job of helping her clients select the right marketing automation system for their business. Her methodology ensures that her clients get the functionality they need—and a partner they can work well with. Larissa’s tremendous experience enables her to help clients make material improvements to their marketing processes.”

“Larissa is the quintessential professional. She knows and understands marketing operations and will help drive excellence around the people, processes and technologies that are required for a best in class marketing operations organization. I know that our enterprise customers have benefitted significantly from her guidance.”

“I have worked with Larissa and her team for a number of years and have seen first-hand the dedication and passion they bring to each client engagement. The excellence of their work, years of experience and keen insights make them one of the best in their field.”

“Larissa has a deep understanding of Marketing. From her background founding MOCCA and years as a practitioner, she’s developed a broad perspective on best practices and has deep contacts throughout the industry. These serve her clients well. Larissa applies good judgment and organizational skills to the projects I’ve worked with her on, asks good questions, listens well, provides valuable insights to her clients, and has a very mature and balanced approach in helping clients evaluate marketing technology.”

“Larissa DeCarlo is an expert in Marketing Operations and an agent for change. She has domain expertise in data, performance metrics, process development, planning & budgeting, technology, and benchmarking. Larissa has a deep understanding of how all the pieces of the demand generation puzzle should fit together, and is especially skilled at advising large global enterprises. Trustworthy, reliable, diligent and direct are just a few of the qualities that make it easy for me to recommend Larissa.”

“Marketing Operations Works provided Equinix with industry knowledge, expertise and useful templates to align marketing with sales, document global processes and stay on our path to a global Marketo implementation. The combination of Donal O’Shea’s understanding and expertise of IT and Larissa DeCarlo’s experience with Marketing Operations, helped us align our global marketing and sales operations teams in preparation for marketing automation.”

“Larissa’s breadth of knowledge and experience in Marketing Operations gave Symyx a jump start in developing KPIs and reports for Marketing. What would have taken a couple of months to develop, we were able to accomplish in a week with help from Marketing Operations Works.”

“Marketing Operations Works serves a unique role in the marketing operations, revenue performance and demand generation world: They have deep client-side experience, top-shelf marketing, technology and strategic planning skills, are vendor and platform neutral, and best of all, can add measurable value at the C-suite as well as operational levels of their clients.”