Marketing Operations Works was founded with a straightforward mission in mind: help companies fully understand the complexities associated with the burgeoning discipline of marketing operations, and provide them with the tools and guidance necessary to maximize marketing results.

In our work, we associate marketing operations with the Japanese word ‘kaizen’. Kaizen refers to the process of constant and never-ending improvement in pursuit of excellence. This philosophy asserts that small steps taken on a consistent basis ultimately result in excellence. Even small measures can improve awareness, demand generation, and sales enablement programs, resulting in an increase in revenue—and sometimes a reduction in the cost of marketing. Research by SiriusDecisions has shown that a concerted focus on marketing processes, systems, and data can increase sales by a factor of five.


“When companies talk about measurable success, we understand it’s the people, process and technology. Marketing Operations Works brings high value to each of those ingredients and the end result drives revenue. Larissa’s expertise has been proven with successful projects, her ability to work with vendors and her deep knowledge of the industry….I refer Marketing Operations Works to my clients because they get measurable results!”

“Larissa does a fantastic job of helping her clients select the right marketing automation system for their business. Her methodology ensures that her clients get the functionality they need—and a partner they can work well with. Larissa’s tremendous experience enables her to help clients make material improvements to their marketing processes.”

“Larissa is the quintessential professional. She knows and understands marketing operations and will help drive excellence around the people, processes and technologies that are required for a best in class marketing operations organization. I know that our enterprise customers have benefitted significantly from her guidance.”

I have worked with Larissa and her team for a number of years and have seen first-hand the dedication and passion they bring to each client engagement. The excellence of their work, years of experience and keen insights make them one of the best in their field.”