Larissa DeCarlo

Larissa DeCarlo

Founder and Principal

Larissa’s passion for marketing operations crystalized in 2006 when she was tapped to establish a marketing operations function at Hyperion. That same year, Larissa, together with Chris Ewert of Adobe, and Mikel Irizar and Damon Moss of Symantec, co-founded MOCCA (Marketing Operations Cross-Company Alliance), the leading professional association for Marketing Operations practitioners. Now called, The Growth Ops Community, this group has has over 2,000 members from almost 300 organizations and works to continuously develop the rapidly growing profession.

After Hyperion, Larissa served as Vice President of Marketing Operations at Blue Coat Systems. Prior to her current role, Larissa was Vice President of Consulting Services at MTS. Larissa founded Marketing Operations Works in 2009 to focus on improving clients’ marketing operations processes, systems, and data. Clients have included Adobe, Booz Allen Hamilton, Brocade, Caterpillar, Cisco, Citrix Online, eBay, Equinix, HP, Maxim, and NetApp.

Larissa holds a BA in English and French Literature from UCLA. Her professional background includes senior roles in marketing operations, industry analyst relations, investor relations, briefing center management, business development, product marketing, and campaign management at IBM, SGI, Cadence, and Hyperion.

Donal O’Shea

Donal O’Shea


Donal is a specialist in messaging, thought leadership and technology. Having run dozens of seminars, one-on-one sessions, and study tours for enterprise CIOs, IT users and vendors from around the world, helping them to understand emerging technologies, and how to effectively deploy them, he has a keen understanding of what the enterprise IT audience want to hear, and how they need to hear it.

Donal has been an independent consultant for over 20 years. In that time he has helped executives in global enterprises understand and address information technology issues. Prior to striking out on his own, he held executive positions in large corporations (IBM and Amdahl), served as CEO of small startups (Unisoft and Servio), and industry consortia (OSF and the Liberty Alliance). Along the way, he has been deeply involved in marketing and sales, given their importance to meeting payroll.


“Larissa is an industry expert in all aspects of marketing operations, metrics, automation, and transformation. She is the penultimate professional in this arena, and works to advance her clients projects, with high impact and value for the organization. She works to get things done in the project, and pushes to look beyond the scope of today’s project to make sure that the longer term impact can be realized. Larissa partnered with me to advance NetApp’s implementation of Integrated Marketing.”

“When companies talk about measurable success, we understand it’s the people, process and technology. Marketing Operations Works brings high value to each of those ingredients and the end result drives revenue. Larissa’s expertise has been proven with successful projects, her ability to work with vendors and her deep knowledge of the industry….I refer Marketing Operations Works to my clients because they get measurable results!”

“Larissa does a fantastic job of helping her clients select the right marketing automation system for their business. Her methodology ensures that her clients get the functionality they need—and a partner they can work well with. Larissa’s tremendous experience enables her to help clients make material improvements to their marketing processes.”

“Larissa is the quintessential professional. She knows and understands marketing operations and will help drive excellence around the people, processes and technologies that are required for a best in class marketing operations organization. I know that our enterprise customers have benefitted significantly from her guidance.”